Bishnupur Classic Second Flush Assam Black Tea (CTC)

Loose Tea

  • Reduces Stress
  • Cognitive Function
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36 Months

The Premium Assam CTC tea also known as “chai” is bold, malty and slightly earthy. It is best enjoyed with milk and sugar or on its own.

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About the tea

Appearance- Dark and dense uniform granular

Aroma-A strong, aromatic, and malty aroma, enticing tea lovers with its rich and inviting fragrance.

Grade- BOPSm

Caffeine- Medium to high

Health Benefits- Boosts energy and metabolism, reduces stress, aids digestion

The Strong Aroma of authentic assam tea is due to its unique processing method. CRUSHED
Pure Second Flush Authentic Assam Tea from the best estates in Upper Assam are a great
choice for tea lovers who appreciate superior quality, unique flavor & wide range of health

The Estate- Bishnupur Tea Garden, situated in the heart of Chiriadev, Assam, spans
approximately 80 hectares. Nestled beside the Sapekhati Railway Station, it enjoys a strategic
location ideal for tea cultivation. Symbolizing the region's tea heritage, it produces
exceptional teas amidst the picturesque landscapes of Assam, India.

Unity in Tea- 1% of our revenue is dedicated to empowering the Tea Tribes and fostering better health
facilities within their communities.

At VaanaTea, we promise to deliver not just tea but stories in every sip, infused with the love
we pour in each sip. Women comprise 50% of the workforce, skillfully plucking, sorting and
rolling leaves, ensuring they grace cups worldwide.

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Did You Know

  • World’s Largest River Island Manjuli, is nestled within the graceful curves of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. Spanning over 352 square kilometres of lush greenery and winding waterways. Majuli is a living testament to nature's artistry.Its verdant landscapes harbor a treasure trove of biodiversity, offering sanctuary to rare species of flora and fauna. But Majuli is more than just a haven for wildlife;it's a cradle of culture and spirituality. With ancient monasteries and vibrant traditions, Majuli weaves a tapestry of heritage that beckons travelers to explore its tranquil shores and timeless wonders.
  • Asia's oldest oil refinery, founded in 1901, is nestled in Digboi, Assam, India. With A storied history spanning over a century, this refinery has played a pivotal role in shaping India's petroleum industry. Its enduring legacy signifies its significance in meeting energy demands while symbolizing India's industrial evolution.

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