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Pure Essence straight from “The Gardens of Assam.”

VaanaTea assures an unparalleled tea experience. We promise you unaltered joy with teas sourced directly from the finest tea estates, with no mixing, no blending, and absolutely no middlemen. Our commitment is to deliver the purest tea, ensuring you savor the authentic aroma and flavor of the Assam tea leaves, untouched by any compromise.

Elevate your tea ritual with the assurance the each cup tells a story of quality, tradition, and the rich heritage of Assam’s tea gardens as Assam celebrates its 200 years of Tea Culture.

Experience the true essence of tea because your taste buds deserve nothing but the best.

Assam Tea best consumed with cookies - VaanaTea
Assam Black Tea with lemon and honey

Our Teas are the mark of Purity & Rich Taste

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What our Customers Say

More that 10000 daily buyers and 50k+ 5STAR reviews across all platforms.

I stumbled upon VaanaTea while searching for premium teas online. The freshness and exquisite flavor of their teas exceeded my expectations. The direct-from-estate concept ensures that I get the finest quality every time. VaanaTea has become a daily ritual for me!

~ Rajesh Kumar from Mumbai

VaanaTea has truly redefined my tea-drinking experience. The rich taste of their teas transport me to the lush tea estates with every sip. It's not just a beverage; it's an indulgence. Highly recommend it to all tea enthusiasts!

~ Ananya Gupta from Delhi

Being a tea connoisseur, I'm always on the lookout for premium teas. VaanaTea offers a remarkable selection that caters to diverse tastes. Their commitment to quality is evident. VaanaTea has won my heart!

Arjun Patel from Ahmedabad

VaanaTea has become my go-to for the perfect cup of tea. The teas are delivered fresh. The authenticity and purity of VaanaTea's offerings make it stand out. Truly a delightful tea experience!

Neha Sharma from Bangalore

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For Us, Mother Nature is first

VaanaTea ensures its operations harmonize with the environment, prioritizing sustainability for a healthier planet.

We diligently reduce and recycle rare earth elements, minimizing our carbon footprint.


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