Founder’s Note

While you sip, let me tell you a story…...

Source to sip, is our promise.

A story that’s woven into the very fabric of my being — a tale of heritage, love, and the essence of tea in Assam, India, where tea flows through our veins like a cherished legacy!

Our family heritage spans over half a century, and me being the third generation to carry on the tradition. In the bustling markets, teas undergo numerous hands, losing their quality, freshness, and originality before reaching your cup. This spurred us to make a bold move, shortening the journey from lush gardens directly to your teapot. We are dedicated to provide the finest, most exquisite teas directly from Tea estates to your cup.

Assam Loose Leaf Tea with its brew colour

We meticulously source teas straight from the estates immediately upon harvest, ensuring their authenticity and quality. Packaged with precision in a world-class facility in Assam, these teas journey directly to your doorstep, untouched by intermediaries.

At VaanaTea, our commitment to Mother Nature is unwavering. For every ounce of tea, we plant a sapling, thus minimizing our carbon footprint. We aim to be climate-neutral by 2030. Additionally, 1% of our revenue is dedicated to empowering the Tea tribes and fostering better health facilities within their communities. This venture isn’t just about tea; a deep-seated love for every sip of tea.

I invite you to be part of a legacy woven from tradition, love, and the artistry of tea-making. VaanaTea is more than a brand; it’s a commitment—a promise to deliver not just tea but stories in every sip, infused with the love we pour into each drop.

~ Jasmine Choudhary, Founder